Inanovate Spotlight

Inanovate completes demonstration of Bio-ID 400. Click here to access White paper.

Click here to view a video demonstration of the Bio-ID 400.

The Bio-ID is a new generation of screening technology that provides users with accurate, highly sensitive kinetic data on multiple protein interaction in real-time.

Click here to learn more about the Bio-ID™ and how to access its benefits.



Our History

In 2010 Inanovate begun the development of a novel approach to the detection and measurement of multiple proteins called Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS). LAS was developed to help users in both research and clinical markets to accurately detect and measure multiple proteins from patient samples at virtually any concentration, without the need for multiple sample dilutions or complex preparations. Recently, Inanovate successfully completed testing and benchmarking the first platform to integrate LAS: The Bio-ID 400.

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